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      MPO/MTP patch cord


      Arrow wave communication provides MPO/MTP trunk cable components including MPO for MPO hybrid model and MPO to common connector, and can provide reel packaging, wiring drawing grommet and plug type use MPO and plug panel module box, satisfy the customer to high efficiency and high performance requirements of wiring connections.

      After the bridge connection between workstations
      Optional 12 ~ 144 core core backbone cable structure, fiber optic cable some per 12 core is increasing
      Optional G652D/G657A1 / G657A2 single-mode optical fiber cable, more than 62.5/125, 10 g OM2 / OM3 / OM4, or bending performance of 10 g multimode fiber optic cable and other custom with spool and grommet wiring protection configuration is in line with RoHS, and Telcordia GR – 1435 – CORE, GR – 326 – CORE.

      After the bridge connection between workstations
      High density optical fiber line management
      The data center
      LAN/wan client