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      MPO/MTP-12FC/UPC Patch cord


      MPO/MTP fan out cable components are directly application of plug-in type use MPO switching module case.The product structure is on the 12 color 0.9 cable assembly MPO/MTP connector and LC, SC, FC single-core connectors, etc.JBTX can provide customers with supporting plug type use MPO modules and all kinds of modules plug panel wiring solutions.8/12/24 core single-mode and multimode fiber optic cable can be used, such as ordinary G652D/G657A1 / G657A2 single-mode fiber, multimode 62.5/125, 10 g OM2 / OM3 / OM4, or bending performance of 10 g multimode fiber optic cable, etc.

      Products for MPO/MTP connector at one end, and the other end for ordinary single core connector
      Optional 8/12/24 CORE MPO/MTP connector single-core ordinary can choose LC, SC, FC, E2000 etc 12 color 0.9 fan out the polarity of the cable can be based on the polarity of the TIA – 568 – c to assemble delivery meet Telcordia GR – 1435 – CORE, GR – 326 – CORE, RoHS

      Application of plug type use MPO switching module case.
      High density optical fiber line management
      Communications and cable television network
      The data center
      LAN/wan client