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      MPO|MTP patch panel


      MPO/MTP switching module for MPO/MTP and LC or realization of die fast safe transfer between SC.It provides a fast and reliable, high performance and efficient way to transfer 12/24/48 LC or 12 SC fiber optic port.MPO/MTP switching module can be installed in the optical fiber wiring ark of 1 u or 4 u, have a multimode or single-mode fiber configuration.

      High density, small volume design, convenient and quick installation
      Contains 12 core core, 24, 48 core module specification
      Installation quality, simplify the optical fiber management
      Modular management, convenient configuration installation and upgrade
      Can be customized to achieve a variety of optical fiber polarity relationship

      Data center configuration
      High density optical fiber line management
      Communications and cable television network
      LAN/wan client